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Malaga Urban 6 km flat

1 Runner
2 Runners
3 Runners
4 Runners
5 Runners
Call to book for 6 or more Runners

Private Tour | Starts at €28 | Run through the Historic Center in a completely flat route

Malaga Urban 6 km flat

Discover the most emblematic sites of the Historical Center of the city in a completely flat route of approximately 6 km.
You will run at a relaxed pace and making small stops to take pictures and/or videos and in this original and funny way you will run through our streets!


Approximately 1 hour – Easy difficulty

Where to Meet

Meet us outside of the AC Hotel by Marriot Malaga Palacio


  • All our tours are private, so you run alone with your trainer, or with your group of companions/family.
  • All the routes are run at a comfortable pace so that you can talk and stop frequently to take photos. (If you do not want to stop, please tell us)
  • It’s important to be in good physical condition and to wear clothing and footwear suitable for the activity
  • It is recommended to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen in spring-summer.
  • All runs are protected by international insurance. (optional hiring)