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Camino Portugués from Tui

MÁLAGA TOUR RUNNING is an Active Tourism Company that unites two great hobbies: RUN and TRAVEL.

That’s why we organize this trip … so that together with us and other Runners from Spain and the world you complete RUNNING the Camino de Santiago!

In 5 Stages of RUNNING, we will run the last 120 km of the Portuguese Way, from Tui to Santiago de Compostela!


The Camino de Santiago is an experience of pilgrimage, meditation, coexistence, adventure and a different way of doing tourism and each one will give it its personal meaning.

We also love Running! … And what better way to make our Way, than RUNNING through natural landscapes, paths, lanes and forests to reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela!

We will share a lot of group and individual experiences immersed in “the atmosphere of the Camino”, because each one will run at his own pace, enjoying if you want moments of solitude and others of pleasant talk. No doubt there will be room for everything …

If you have someone who wants to accompany you, but does not run, you can do it because we will form a group of Hikers to make the Camino walk … and you can share the rest of the day together!


  •  7 days / 6 nights in the chosen accommodation (hostel or private hostel) with breakfast.
  • Transportation if you cannot complete the stage.
  • 24-hour accompanying Runner monitor.
  • Luggage transfer during the stages.
  • Full documentation.
  • Pilgrim’s credential.
  • Finisher Medal
  • Gift of a ticket printed on paper money of the Camino de Santiago.
  • FINAL ROAD Massage 30´in Physiotherapy Center in Sgo. of Compostela.
  • Travel insurance.




Group of 10 to 25 Runners

  • July 8 to 14, 2020
  • August 5 to 11, 2020



412  Accommodation in Hotels double, triple or quadruple room with private bathroom. (€ 120 single room supplement)

 312 € Accommodation in Private Shelter.


Services NOT included

  • Transportation to Tui
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Cancellation Insurance (residents in Spain € 20 – foreign residents € 40)

Why don’t we include meals?

We will finish the stages at different times, so we cannot have lunch arranged during a closed schedule.

Regarding dinner, as runners we know that there are those who prefer to dine lightly, or earlier or not eat certain foods, so we believe that it is better for everyone to dine when and how they prefer. This does not mean that it cannot be done in groups if many are the ones that match tastes and schedules.

Some accommodations have a restaurant or cafeteria and / or next to them there are numerous places to take a full menu for € 10, tapas, etc.




Travel Planning & Stages

Day 1 – Arrival in Tui (Pontevedra)

We will meet all at 7:00 p.m. at the established meeting point and you will be given your location days before the start of the trip through the whatsapp group or by email.

We will introduce ourselves among the participants and give a talk to tell you what the Stages will be like, answer questions and distribute the Pilgrim’s Credentials (which you must seal during the tour to get the Compostela when you arrive in Santiago) and we will also give you the labels for the transport of luggage.

The Portuguese Way is the second busiest Jacobea route after the French Way. You will begin the adventure in Tui, (town of Pontevedra) gateway to Galicia from Portugal, and you will cross the province of Pontevedra from south to north, discovering in your path agricultural areas of vineyards, orchards, cornfields and lush forests, letting you take the beauty of its villages, the charm of its people and its exquisite cuisine.

You will be impressed to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria, whose fortified aspect dominates the panoramic views of the city. Its historical complex is one of the main attractions of the city and one of the most important in Galicia after Santiago de Compostela. A walk through its cobbled streets will witness the history throughout the centuries, emblazoned houses and monuments among which the Diocesan Museum, former pilgrims hospital, the chapel of San Telmo, the Convent of the Poor Clares and the one of Santo Domingo.

Good Way Pilgrim Runners!





Day 2 – Tui – O Poriño

Medium difficulty – 19 km

This first stage is comfortable to run, alternating roads with paved roads and roads, following the riverbed of the Louro River. Perhaps the beauty of the route will be a bit opaque when crossing an industrial estate a few kilometers from Tui, which can be avoided by taking the alternative that leads through vineyards and trees to an asphalted track that will only increase the half kilometer stage. When we arrive at O ​​Porriño and after going to our accommodation, we will have the rest of the day to visit the town and visit recommended places such as the City Hall, the Fonte do Cristo, the Templete of the Madrid Metro and the Botica Nova.




Day 3 – O Porriño – Arcade

Medium difficulty – 23 km

At this stage we will also run along sections of road, dirt tracks and stones, passing between oaks, pines and eucalyptus that beautify the route. In some sections we will find steps with large stones that will help us to save the streams, crossing the famous Galician corredoiras. This way we will reach Redondela, an important fishing village located in the middle of the Vigo estuary, known as the “viaduct village” by the numerous bridges that characterize it. It is worth stopping on the Camino to see the panoramic view of the Vigo estuary, the parish church of Cedeira, the Convent of Vilavella and the Museum of Meirande. After running just over 5 kilometers we will reach the end of the second stage in Arcade, capital par excellence of oysters in Galicia.


Day 4 – Arcade – Caldas de Reis

Medium difficulty – 34 km

We recommend facing this stage with tranquility alternating, if necessary, stretches of walking and running, as it is the longest of the route and we have 42 km on our legs. We started crossing one of the most important bridges in Galicia at a historical level, Ponte Sampaio, a colossal stone bridge that saves the Verdugo river and in which, during the War of Independence, a battle that led to the withdrawal of French troops was fought in Galicia. After crossing it, we stroll through villages, pazos, granaries and cruises until we reach the Brea Vella da Canicouva, an evocative path of large slabs through which the Roman route XIX passed.

Pontevedra is for many one of the most beautiful cities in Galicia, and it is not for less, a walk through its cobbled streets and its squares will be enough to realize the special charm it hides.

After crossing the Lérez River, the Camino leaves Pontevedra along the Rúa da Santiña, from which we will arrive at the Marismas de Alba observatory, a large 80-hectare wetland that houses hundreds of plant species and 123 bird species. The route runs on roads where many crossroads and level crossings converge, so we must exercise caution. Arriving in Briallos, we recommend diverting half a kilometer to visit the Cascadas del Barosa, a natural place of extraordinary beauty, with a beautiful jump of sixty meters and fourteen mills arranged along the waterfalls. Already in Caldas de Reis, our end of the stage, water is still the protagonist as it is one of the hottest thermal villas in Galicia.


Day 5 – Caldas de Reis – Padrón

Low difficulty – 19 km

After the previous stage, this one will be shorter and our legs will thank you! After leaving the thermal town of Caldas, we enter the valley of Bermaña following the route through its forests of centenary trees, carballedas, cornfields and cruises. After a gentle ascent we arrive at Santa Mariña de Carracedo, a town composed of a church, a rectory house and a granary and we continue running through forests with mills and villages towards Padrón, place where the ship that led the body of the Apostle Santiago and locality famous throughout Spain for its delicious peppers.




Day 6 – Padrón – Santiago de Compostela

Low difficulty – 24.5 km

Last stage!

Concludes our running adventure on the Portuguese Way, so we recommend leaving early to take advantage of the day in Compostela. We will run through urbanized areas that confirm that we are reaching the goal. The highlight of this stage, in addition to the Cathedral of Santiago, is the beautiful Collegiate Church of Iria Flavia, which was the first Cathedral of Galicia and whose cemetery, under an olive tree, is the humble tomb of Camilo José Cela, Nobel Prize writer Spanish. The road continues through the municipalities of Teo and Ames until reaching the desired Plaza del Obradoiro.


Soon we will enjoy a relaxing massage END OF ROAD of 30´in a Physiotherapy Center where we will choose if we treat our back or legs and feet. We still have to discover the beauty of the city, its streets, enter the Cathedral, visit the Saint and go in search of our Compostela at the Pilgrim Reception Center.




Day 7 – Breakfast in Santiago de Compostela and farewell …

A special day and full of emotions.

Some have been accompanied, others have done it alone, but when you are part of a Group, we all integrate from day one, and more if we share this “blessed hobby of Running!”

Because Running unites people, and with a pair of shoes we are all the same!

This experience can mark the END of a Path and the PRINCIPLE OF ANOTHER …

And surely along the way many new friendships will have been forged that will accompany us or not, in the various paths of our life.

Our wish is that you have enjoyed this sport, life, travel experience and that you do not forget it, because for many this will have been the 1st. Santiago’s road.


After leaving our accommodation, you will have concluded the provision of our services.

See you soon!



The way to RESERVE your place is very simple.

Send us a whatsapp at +34 665 944476 indicating your full name and surname, age, city, country (if you do not live in Spain), telephone (prefix of the country in which you reside) and email.

Tell us if you want to stay in Hotel or Shelter. If you travel alone / alone and want to stay in Hostal, you will share a double, triple or quadruple room depending on the group. If you want a room just for you, you will pay € 120 extra.

If you want to take out the Cancellation Insurance, you will pay € 20 if you are reisdente in Spain or € 40 if you reside abroad. This amount will be paid at the time of paying your reservation.

As soon as we receive your information we will send you the number. Bank account in which you will enter the total payment or payment of 50% of the value of the trip, paying the remaining 50% about 35 days before the start of the Camino (we will remind you)




You will notify by email any problem that prevents you from traveling to: [email protected]

Residents in Spain can take out Cancellation Insurance for € 20 and those residing abroad can do so for € 40. Said amount will be paid at the time of paying the Reserve.

The Insurance will be valid until 1 day before the trip, so the insurer will pay you what you have paid if the reason you cancel is within the conditions of the Policy that you will receive after your contract.

If you do not hire the Insurance, here is our Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel between 1 and 30 calendar days after the payment of the Reserve: we refund 100% of the payment made.
  • If you cancel up to 35 calendar days before the start Way: we refund 80% of the reservation payment.
  • If you cancel with less than 35 calendar days before the start of the Camino: we refund 50% of the payment made.
  • If you cancel with less than 15 calendar days before the start of the Camino: We DO NOT refund any amount. (keep in mind that by that time your accommodation has already been paid by the Company)



Do I need special physical preparation to make this trip?

You need to be a RUN / RA with some experience having done at least a Half Marathon, Marathon and / or mountain races. Keep in mind that we will be running an average of 24 km a day for 5 days in a row. If you are a beginner you will not be able to recover well and you can injure yourself. But surely if you train correctly, you can do it in the near future!

At what rate do we run?

The idea is to enjoy the Camino by taking photos, videos, etc., and each one will go at the pace you want. If someone wants to run very fast, they can do it, but we recommend dosing the effort because we will not have rest days. Throughout the stages, it is normal for the Group to run more together or separately. The guide Runner will go at a medium pace and enjoy. Remember that when we reach the goal of Sgo. from Compostela you will have YOUR FINISHER MEDAL!

What should I take to run?

As in any Trail (which you will surely have done) you must carry:

– Trail backpack, hydration, gels, bars, nuts or whatever you usually take during your workouts, strips, compeed blisters, what you normally take for muscle and / or joint aches and pains, trail shoes (not necessary that are very technical because the terrain on which we will run is not), suitable clothes for running, sleeves (in the morning it may be cooler), windproof and mobile with the battery charged.

At what time will we start the stages?

After breakfast, between 08.00 / 08.30 hs. If someone wants to start sooner or later they can do so because throughout the morning they will receive the location of their accommodation in the destination town and can reach it without problem.

What happens if I can’t finish a stage?

You should get in touch with the Monitora Runner (who may be a few kilometers away from you at that time) and send your location. She will contact the car service to pick you up at a set point to take you to your accommodation.

What happens if I get injured and can’t continue the Way?

This trip includes travel insurance with extensive medical and health coverage. In case of serious injury or illness that prevents you from continuing the Camino de Santiago, you will have covered all medical expenses and trips to the hospital.

Is it safe to travel alone?

Doing the Camino de Santiago alone is a very enriching experience on a personal level. If you do not have companions to make this trip do not worry! We encourage you to come with us because you will meet people who, like you, share the hobby of running and will soon form bonds of fellowship and camaraderie in the Group. And daily living will make new friendships forged at the end of our adventure!

How is the road signs? Can I get lost?

The Portuguese Way is one of the most popular and busy along with the French Way, so it is very well signposted and it is almost impossible to get lost. But if you get disoriented, call the Monitora, send your location and she will take care of you in search of you or send a car to pick you up. The most usual signs of the Camino are the yellow arrows and the stone cairns that indicate the kilometers remaining to reach Santiago.

Staying in a Hotel or Shelter?

Whether you hire the option of the Hotel or the shelter, you will enjoy quality accommodation. The Company that manages them has a long history working with these establishments.

Sleeping in a Hotel guarantees privacy and perhaps a better rest because you will sleep in a double, triple or quadruple room with private bathroom. If you go as a couple you can opt for a double bed.

Sleeping in a shelter is considered by many as “the most authentic of the Camino” and sleeps in rooms with bunk beds where you will share the space with other pilgrims. For many this can be a problem, so we recommend the use of earplugs in order to have a better rest. In the bunk beds you will have a bottom sheet and blanket, but we suggest that you carry a sleeping bag to place on your bed (in summer it is not necessary, it is enough that you carry a sheet). Bathrooms and showers are also shared (women and men separately) and you must bring towels for your shower and personal hygiene.

When will I know where I am going to sleep?

Weeks before the start of the trip you will receive by email the information and details of them. This is because the choice of your accommodations will depend on the availability of them according to the date.

What is the transfer of luggage?

Before starting the stage, we will leave the luggage at the reception of the accommodation labeled according to the instructions we will provide about this service. While you run the stage the company in charge will move your suitcase or bag to the reception of the new accommodation, where it will be stored until your arrival. Only 1 package is transferred per person up to 15 kg.

Allergies and special health circumstances

You must communicate by email to [email protected] any allergies or special circumstances that we should know about your state of health or physical and each person will be fully responsible for it.

Cancellation insurance

If you think that due to your personal situation you may have a problem that prevents you from making the trip, we recommend that you take out Cancellation Insurance that will be paid at the time of making the reservation payment.

Residents in Spain: € 20

Residents abroad: € 40

Its validity will be in operation until the day before the trip, and if you cannot travel for reasons that are included in the policy (illness, death of a family member, hospitalization, official exemptions….) It will be the Insurance who will be responsible for paying the travel costs receiving the refund of the same. If you decide to hire it, you will pay it at the time of making the payment of your Trip Reservation.

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