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5 tips to make El Camino de Santiago RUNNING!


In a few days we will meet in Sarria, Lugo, to begin with this Challenge to RUN part of the Camino de Santiago and complete the distance of 114 kms. in 5 consecutive running stages …. little more than Half Marathon a day!

We should not be overwhelmed, but we should be aware that this type of tests require special preparation that we have been doing throughout these months and that we will continue to do up to 1 week before our meeting.

We must be responsible and know that we are PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY PREPARED, because safety and health are ahead of any challenge or test!

People who are starting running, can not do this activities yet, although like everything else in life, if they train correctly and acquire experience in a progressive and sufficient way, they will be able to participate in future challenges.

It is not a competition and we want to enjoy RUNNING knowing runners from other places and we are going to keep in mind these 5 Tips to get to Santiago with the same enthusiasm as the first day:

1- The rhythm of “race” will be to enjoy and we will walk some stretches if necessary, because we must not forget that 5 consecutive days of running await us.

2- Everyone knows their body and knows what to eat and drink … so I advise not to try anything new during the stages. The same goes for the clothes and the trail shoes: we do not release anything!

3- We will run with the backpack of trail and how the weather can change, we will take windbreakers or sleeves if it suddenly refreshes …. and drink and food of habitual use in “long runs” without forgetting that if something is missing you can buy in some store on the road.

4- Repairing skin creams, petroleum jelly, plasters and everything that helps our feet and avoid blisters, chafing, bruises, etc.

5- For 5 days WE WILL BE A TEAM! Enjoy this experience, take photos, record videos and live “the moment” because for many it will be our first time doing the Camino de Santiago in “RUNNING mode”!