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Do you know how to train to do more than 100 km per Stages?


We are preparing for the RUNNING CHALLENGE OF THE ROAD TO SANTIAGO where we will have to run 114 km in 5 stages from July 17 to July 21, 2019.
Although it will not be a competition, we must be prepared physically and mentally because we will be doing an average of 23 km a day, without breaks.
Consider the following recommendations:
Start with a soft trot warming of 2 km.

1- Train 4 days a week no more than 1 hour /1.30 hs. and the “long run” Saturday or Sunday: 15/20/25 km (according to your preparation stage) It isn´t important the speed; it is more important  the resistance. You can alternate between asphalt and mountain, depending on where you live.
2 – 1 day a week to do exercises in the gym or in the house of “self-loading”: squats, lunges (lunges), multisalts, burpees, push-ups, and core exercises (abdominal and lumbar)
3- 1 day a week to do series of slopes: you climb at a comfortable pace running, low and recover on the descent and go back up and down. If you do it in tape you put and remove the inclination.
4- The remaining 2 days runs at least 10 to 15 km. at a comfortable speed.
5- We will try to accumulate a week between 40 and 70 km in total.

Day 1: Running 10 km on flat
Day 2: Self-load or gym exercises
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Running 12 km
Day 5: Series of slopes (inclination on tape)
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 16/18 km on the mountain or on the plain.

The next day REST and start again.
After each workout we stretch, and drink during and after the session.
Week after week you will be adding a few km., according to your preparation phase.

And above all POSITIVE MENTALITY because your thoughts are as important as your muscles in this type of tests!

These Recommendations ARE NOT A TRAINING PLAN. Anyone considering this type of Challenge, competitive or not, MUST HAVE A TRAINING BASE and can not be a beginner runner.