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We are going to run the Camino de Santiago! What do we carry?


We are preparing to run 114 km during 5 consecutive days making an average distance of 23 km per day and we will carry a trail backpack with the right weight and everything we need for each day of running.

CLOTHING: We will never release anything and everything we use has to be tested well in advance!
-shoes of trail
-stra trail summer socks
-sleeve or sleeveless t-shirts
-manguitos (in the morning it can be cold)
-Light windbreaker
-bracket for neck or head

ACCESSORIES: trail backpack 5 lts.
-vaselina or anti-chafing cream
-cream repair for injuries caused by friction or sweat
-Solar protection
-compeed ampoules or whatever you use to treat them
-soft flask (or bottle to fill with what you drink)

FOOD / HYDRATION: this is not the time to try new things. Consume what you have always drank or eaten.
-sotonic drink
-salts of salt (if you are prone to cramps) -energy bars, gels, cereal bars, nuts, dates, nuts, almonds, etc.

Equipped with this, we will run daily and the bag with other things will be taken from hostel to hostel by a company responsible for it (Mail, for example) and will charge between 20.00 to 25.00 € for the whole week at most.

In the hostels, we will be able to wash our clothes every day and we will have clean sheets and blankets, but it is optional to take 1 sleeping bag to place it on the bed.
– 2/3 shorts or trail tights
-2/3 trail shirts
-2/3 tops (women)
-5 pairs trail socks
-1 pair replacement trail shoes (in case something happens with the usual ones)
-6/8 silent underwear
-clothes and shoes for the evening / night
-Bags made of plastic to put on wet clothes by itself does not dry everything, dirty clothes, etc.
-brush with toothbrush, toothpaste, bath sponge, shower gel, shampoo, comb, feminine hygiene, usual medication for headaches, contractures, stomach discomfort, muscle aches, etc.
-1/2 towels for the shower, 1/2 small towels (face, etc) and footwear for the shower.

In the Next Post we will share trainings and exercises to be on top on July 16!